About Us

Admiral Furniture is an American manufacturer. All of our furniture is 100% manufactured in the USA using only American made raw materials and American labor.

Admiral Furniture brings you the best in contract indoor and outdoor aluminum furniture. Our focus is to provide you with quality products, superior customer service and customer satisfaction. We understand that the furniture you select is an integral part of your decor. As such, it must suit your desired needs for comfort, style, durability and affordability. Our depth of styles allows you to meet this need and provide continuity throughout your facility.

Admiral Furniture is constantly developing and seeking new quality products to satisfy customer needs. All aluminum joints are 360-degree welds allowing for a 10-year frame warranty against breakage under normal use. The frames are electrostatically powdercoated, and the baked to produce a solid permanent bonded finish. This finish has proven to provide superior resistance against wear and corrosion.

We offer numerous standard frame colors, a large variety of fabrics and vinyl for seat cushions and a large selection of strap colors for our outdoor furniture.